About Us

Chihuahuas are currently facing a very difficult situation in California. Representing over 30% of the intake at California area shelters, the high numbers of chis are due to a combination of several factors: unwanted litters, the economy, and Hollywood trends. Chis also suffer from stereotypes which misrepresent their true nature. This type of breed discrimination has hurt their true loving and loyal personality. 

South Bay News Article on Chihuahua Overpopulation

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Founded on the desire to do more for these great dogs, ChiFriends was formed by a group of passionate animal lovers based in San Jose, California. The Perfect Dog Rescue, Pet Awareness Welfare Society for San Jose Animal Care Center (PAWS) and San Jose Animal Advocates joined forces to educate the community about the benefits of owning Chis, the importance of spay/neutering and proper training methods. In addition to the resources available on this website, we have developed a mini Chi Guide which highlights key health and safety, behavior and training tips specific for Chihuahuas. This guide is available upon request by contacting us at chifriendsorg@gmail.com.  We encourage area shelters and animal rescue groups to help us promote the benefits of Chi ownership!  

The Perfect Dog

Established in March 2010, The Perfect Dog, dedicated to rescuing wonderful homeless or abandoned dogs from over-crowded shelters, is an organization serving the southern Bay Area. The Perfect Dog places shelter dogs in need into temporary foster homes, where they are socialized, trained, cleaned, vetted, and prepared for adoption. Ultimately, The Perfect Dog strives to greatly reduce the number of unwanted dogs euthanized in shelters simply due to over-crowding or being deemed unadoptable.

Pet Welfare and Awareness Society for San Jose Animal Care Center (PAWS)

Established in June 2005, PAWS for SJACS is an all volunteer group. With the goal of reducing euthanasia rates of shelter animals, PAWS works closely with San Jose Animal Care and Services and local rescues to help provide adoptable, homeless animals with non-routine medical care.  Additional aid is provided through specially funded PAWS for SJACS programs, such as spay/neuter, animal assistance projects, and community outreach.

San Jose Animal Advocates

Established in March 2010 by 3 animal loving San Jose neighbors, San Jose Animal Advocates is a community group which promotes animal shelter and rescue groups in the greater San Jose area.  The mission of the group is to raise awareness of pet overpopulation and encourage the community to make a difference in the lives of companion animals. The group maintains a website, blog, and participates in community outreach activities to educate the community about spay/neuter initiatives, shelter/rescue pet adoptions, and feral cat colony management. Through word of mouth and social media (Facebook and Twitter), San Jose Animal Advocates strives to make the city of San Jose a model of animal welfare awareness!